UNCHAIN YOUR HEART- love yourself & love again

Release the past. Rediscover love for the wonderful person you are now. Open your heart to trust and love again.

3rd to 8th October 2016

If you are looking for more love in your life, for ways to connect deeper to your heart so you can love all who you are now, to heart your hearts song and its vision for how amazing your life could be. To free yourself from the past, and to open your whole heart to trust and love again ~ then join Cassandra Punita James
for a journey like you have never been on before, a retreat to connect to your heart and love at a depth you will never have felt before in beautiful north Provence, France in October, 2016!

Relax in Chateau Accommodation, and enjoy Inspiring Adventures, Fun, Lasting Connections, Pampering & Delicious Local Food.

Discover How to Surf All Life’s Waves with Ease, No Matter What Comes.

Are You Ready to Create a Life You Love…

Is your head filled with lists, worries and to-dos, that drain your energy and time, so you have nothing left for you at the end of the day? Instead, would you like to bounce out of bed every morning feeling refreshed, happy, full of passion for your day? And have this feeling lasts all day, no matter what has happens around you! For this we need space to relax, refresh, re-inspire and re-align yourself.

When was the last time you stepped out of your life to out give yourself some time, a few days, just for you? Time out in a beautiful nourishing and tranquil environment, with profound and practical steps, like-minded people, courage-finding and inspiring experiences, shared with love, support and fun.

Where everything was designed to totally support you relaxing, dropping deeper into yourself, so you can start hearing what your heart and body are longing for at the deepest level, and find the keys to shifting your life into flow.

Led by Cassandra James, with Jeni Howland teaching Yoga

Cassandra, what will we be doing?

  • Learn how to tune into your Heart and discover it’s innermost desires for you – for your heart already knows how to live in flow.
  • Master the 3 keys to being able to relax and slow down anytime you want.
  • Connect to your core emotional nourishment needs and your highest self’s vision for you, as you stand in an expanded version of your birth chart in experiential astrology.
  • Discover how important your feet are to staying in flow! How to stand with ease in them, feel inside and deeply relax them, and so ‘ground’ yourself by connecting your body, deeply and effortlessly, with the energising earth beneath you.
  • Over one full day of powerful processes and inspiring experiences in the mountains you will clear confusion about what you truly need to be doing, being, exploring, sharing now so your clarity returns and you love the path your life is now on. ‪
  • Discover the difference in your day after starting with Jeni’s wonderful yoga classes.
  • Low energy? In every area of your life we can uncover and resolve where you are losing it, so accessing and retrieving energy that was once wasted. Learn Qi Gong techniques for a quick healthy boost when you urgently need it.
  • ‪ You’ll learn 5 practical steps to feeling more nourished physically and emotionally, as well as 7 secrets to achieving and maintaining a balanced and happy life, including importance of the often forgotten Vegus nerve.
  • Now that you have felt and learnt how to “be in flow,” you’ll be able recreate and enjoy a blissful state of flow anywhere.

How would you feel to know you were joining us for 5 days in a beautiful chateau in north Provence, for a unique retreat with new like-minded seeking friends, where all this, and more, would be possible for you? In this powerful land and peaceful location you can also explore what has been secretly undermining you finding your flow before (environment, lifestyle, mindset, emotions, health, plus the unexpected ones!), and ancient and modern ways to free yourself of them, and bring your life back into an easy and joyous flow.

  • Experience your stillness on a mountain peak in the powerful moment just as the sun rises.
  • Stretch your body, mind and beliefs and feel them letting go, expanding, freeing you from past tensions and limits.
  • With deep inner exploration and honest sharing with friends, find clarity about what has been trapping you in your old way of being, and find new ways of living and being beyond them.
  • Vision your new future where you listen to your body and heart, and live according to your personal flow.
  • You will leave with new techniques and a clear bespoke plan for how you can keep finding and living in your flow, even after you return home!

Welcome to our Chateau

We will be staying in a recently renovated 1760 Chateau, just outside one of the prettiest hamlets in Provence, Crestet. It is private and tranquil while still being close to all the essentials of life. All the bedrooms are unique, most with ensuites and views across the valley and mountains.

We will practice yoga, meditation and our group sessions in the ballroom, and dine on the large terrace. The chateau comes with a large pool (of course!) and acres of grounds. It is a 5 min stroll from the medieval village above with a small café bar with incredible views, or down the hill to the amazing organic local boulangerie with traditional and gluten-free French breads, and excellent coffee!

Why is Provence the perfect location for this retreat?

The lifestyle of Provence is called la belle vie – the beautiful life – and it  truly is. Since the ancient Roman times, people visiting here have fallen in love with this region and way of life, and now you too can experience it. Here in this sun-drenched, wild-herb perfumed region, people know how important it is to balance time to work and time to relax with friends – here you can really experience how a life in flow can feel, and let it inspire you with ways to shift your life closer to flow.

The other important reason why I’m inviting you here is the powerful energy of the ancient limestone of north Provence and it’s mountains. This energy is so strong that I find it transforms what is possible in the retreats I run in this region, to a whole other level.

The ancient Celts thought so too, and considered Mt Ventoux as sacred. You can experience its strength as this awe-inspiring mountain rises straight up from the plain, and our chateau overlooks it. Together these qualities create a unique and transformative location where life-changing shifts can happen easier, faster and at a deeper level

The Cuisine

  • Fabulous food is one of the joys of Provence!
  • It is a key part of ‘la belle vie’, the beautiful life of delicious slow meals, prepared with love from freshly picked local produce (organic and untreated wherever possible).
  • At the retreat you will enjoy breakfast on our terrace. After our morning yoga and meditation sessions you will have a good appetite for the warm pastries and crusty French baguettes from our village boulangerie, served with fresh fruit, yoghurt and steaming bowls of French coffee, or tea.
  • Lunch and dinner eaten in will be healthy and delicious. We will relax over slow meal savouring the flavour of food fresh from the market, and a local glass of wine or juice.
  • For other lunches we will take you out to enjoy the delights of some of the best secret restaurants of the region. Creative, delicious food prepared by wonderful chefs.
  • One day we will visit the local farmer’s market and discover the joy of designing and preparing meals from seasonal produce!
  • Are you vegetarian, gluten free or have allergies? We can cater for most diets, just let us know before.

Slow Time & Private Sessions

Slow time is such an integral part of life in Provence – and you will also be enjoying it here. Time to relax by the pool, to read a book on a lounge in the garden, to meander the countryside on a bicycle, or explore the fortified walls and narrow streets of our local medieval village. Or would you prefer a project to work on during our slow time, to deepen what you have been exploring in the retreat? This will be available too, with tools to explore your future vision or practice some of the techniques you are learning in our morning group sessions.

Private sessions. To further enhance your slow time afternoons I have also arranged for some wonderful local practitioners to be available to give you private sessions – massage, cranio-sacral, reflexology. These are optional extras, and you can book in for them after you arrive at the retreat, once you have a chance to feel how you would like to enjoy your slow time.

Meditation – Find Balance and Stillness Inside…

Meditation can be life changing. It can be so joyous and profound it will take your breath away. Learn beautiful meditation techniques, including:

  • most ancient meditation practiced by Buddha’s disciplines.
  • 3000 year old Chinese and Tibetan warrior courage meditation.
  • a woman’s meditation practiced by ancient Chinese courtesans to open the heart. Which also has powerful beauty benefits.
  • a men’s meditation to build strengthen, which then allows the heart to open with ease.

Discover how much easier and more powerful it is to meditate in a group. Experience some of the amazing benefits it can bring to help you in relaxation, health, heart, mind, work and relationships.

“All methods of meditation are nothing but methods to help you to remember the art of let-go. I say remember, because you knew it already. And you know it still, but that knowledge is being repressed by society.” ~ Osho

Gentle Energising Yoga Sessions with Jeni Howland

Enjoy daily sessions of Yoga, another ancient key to shifting your life into flow. Popular London Yoga Teacher, Jeni Howland, will lead gentle grounding and energising Yoga classes each morning. Never tried yoga before? Been a while since you last practised? Don’t worry, Jeni will adapt the class to ensure that you get the maximum benefit, however you feel on the day.

Practising yoga regularly can help your body in so many ways – it improves flexibility, boosts immunity, improves sleep, drops blood pressure, and helps you feel happier, relaxed and more balanced. During the retreat, these classes will be delivered in line with the themes of the retreat and will prepare you for the specific focus of the group sessions each day.

Discovering Your Flow Adventures

On some afternoons we will be exploring the beautiful woods, mountains and ruins of the area, where you can put into practice your new skills from our morning sessions. One day we will hike along forest paths lined with wild herbs and fruit trees. Walking some of the way in silence, your senses will fully take in the woody scents and breezes around you. Silent walking with awareness is an ancient Zen practice that is deeply relaxing.

On another day, we have a choice of amazing places we could visit:

  • A pre-dawn adventure (by car) to the top of Mt Ventoux (1940m) to experience the inspirational sunrise over the Alps. And if there is no wind we could even meditate on the summit. Buddha recommended meditating at sunrise or sunset – when the energy is strongest. Or we can visit there in the afternoon, when one can see further, sometimes as far as the Mediterranean and the high Alps!
  • Explore ancient Roman ruins uncovered in the town of Vaison la Romaine – their vast luxury villas, bathhouses and streets of shops.
  • Wander along the streets of a deserted medieval village and it’s semi-ruined castle. Here, I’ll share with you how I feel the energy of the people who lived there hundreds of years ago. We could even take a picnic lunch up to the castle to eat gazing out at the fabulous view to the valley below.

What You’ll Discover In This Unique Finding Your Flow Retreat:

  • Waking tired every morning & cant find how to boost your energy? I will share the best ancient & modern answers; practical exercises, old Chinese understandings and easy lifestyle adjustments will make all the difference – then you can enjoy the energy you want all day!
  • Can’t seem to bring your life, and work, into Flow? This is the key area we will be exploring as this is such a challenge for most of us in today’s busy multi-taking world. Yet there are powerful processes that can help you start looking at your life with fresh eyes, with clarity from slow time and reconnection you’ll see solutions to challenges facing you for years.

This is a chance to learn a new way of being – in an easy, supported way!

Which way would you prefer?

  • Relaxation seems impossible in modern life’s frantic pace? You will learn deeply relaxing techniques – and explore how your feet, breath and mindfulness can help you find relaxation even in the middle of a busy city!
  • Searching for clarity? The powerful energy of North Provence and the illuminating processes we will explore, can help you find clarity about what is important in your life, what you need to really care for yourself, re-discover your inspiration, passion and what you would like to contribute to the world. We will explore our creative and inspiring right brain deeply, and then step into our left brain to see how you can make this a reality.
  • Tried meditation, but can’t seem to make it work? Discover simple, proven ancient meditation techniques that can make all the difference, so you can enjoy it and feel all it’s benefits.
  • Wanting to practice Yoga, yet it’s hard to start? Now is your chance! Jeni will run morning classes (designed for everyone’s fitness) that will support and expand on everything else you are discovering in in this retreat. Find flexibility in your body, that also supports flow in your life.

Have You Been a Lone Ranger?

Retreats are a unique opportunity to discover, explore and experience new ways of being, and to also have the space, time and supporting experiences to really absorb these and start putting them into practice so when you return home they are easier to continue. During this retreat you will experientially learn how to bring your life back into flow, to increase your energy and clarity.

Have you been a ‘lone ranger’, trying to do it on your own? This can be a hard journey. I used to live life this way, and it was a revelation to me when I discovered the difference that fellow seekers, mentors and retreats can make. We humans are experiential and social creatures, so by actually putting changes into practice, with the support and closeness of a group, it is infinitely faster to assimilate new approaches. Find Your Flow in Provence is your chance to EXPERIENCE all this!

The Hawaiians have a saying – ‘If you learn something intellectually – it takes 9 months to be assimilated into your being. If your body ‘experiences’ something – it takes 9 seconds!’ Would you like to experience this for yourself?

“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbour. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.” -Mark Twain

What’s Included in the Retreat

  • Accommodation for five nights in a beautiful Provencal-style bedroom in a restored 16th century chateau with views of the Alps. Standard rooms are double-occupancy twins, a chance to make a new friend, or there are some beautiful sole-occupancy rooms, some with their own private en-suite and fabulous mountain views
  • Delicious French breakfasts every morning on our chateau terrace – with local seasonal fruit, and warm bread and pastries from the organic boulangerie in the village.
  • Five healthy and sumptuous lunches. Most of these we will enjoy at fabulous local restaurants with heartful and skilled chefs, or prepared ourselves from local market produce and enjoyed in the grounds.

  • Four delicious dinners at our villa – including Provence vegetarian delicacies, farmyard free-range chicken coustelet, fresh soups, salads and other light evening dishes. Then one evening, you can explore pizza or other rustic French cuisine just 5 min walk from the chateau.
  • Morning yoga classes with Jeni to support and expand you in all you are learning on the retreat. Designed around any physical challenges you may have, they will increase your flexibility of body and mind, an include opening the meridians linked to the season so your body will feel even more energized and amazing.
  • We will greet each day with a meditation class so you can find the perfect style for you and experience the benefits it brings in relaxation, health, heart, mind and relationships.

  • Five morning group sessions to explore: – Finding your Flow (what this means in your life, and what blocks it and keys to overcoming these, how experience and then maintain it), Energy (practical techniques and understanding on how to boost your energy so you enjoy life even more) and Clarity (exploring this, and how living with fresh eyes can change your life).
  • A personal plan with steps you can take for staying in flow, energised and clear once you return home.
  • Transport for all day trips.
  • Optional sessions with Cassandra Punita, Jeni and other skilled local practitioners will also be available on some afternoons to help you to relax, improve your techniques, or clear deeper issues that may come up.

  • Afternoons of adventures or slow time by the pool, where you can put all you are learning on this retreat into practice. These will including learning zen grounding techniques on forest walks, Gregorian chants with monks at a local monastery, finding the best seasonal food at local markets for our meals, watching the sun rise over the peaks of the Alps from the 1940M peak of Mt Ventoux, wine tasting, creating a vision board for your new life, relaxing in a hammock with a book… and much more.)
  • Delicious French sweet treats and fruit for our Slow Time afternoons at the chateau.
  • A welcome gift bag of Provencal specialties and treats.
  • Laundry facilities are available for your use.
  • Wifi will be available, however this is a retreat and being off-line is lovely, so it is in another building closeby.



* A 20 min private session with Cassandra Punita to help you start to clear blocks to living in flow.



* A gift given in your name! Sharing and giving forward is so important. We can help others move into flow as we do – so I’ll be giving a retreat donation in your name to help an important cause. ($25) To support life healing and moving back into to flow in our amazing oceans by supporting a Mission Blue’s Hope Spots project, where they are working to conserve special places critical to the health of the ocean.



* A chance to reconnect, share your successes and receive support for any challenges! We will connect again on a group call a month after the retreat, where I can help you with any questions coming up after the event, to support you staying in flow.



* You will be invited to join our private Facebook group page (just for Finding Your Flow Retreat participants) where you can stay in touch with your new friends and can share inspiring tips, ask questions, share insight and receive support.


What’s Not Included

  • Your return trip to Provence. You can come by plane, train or drive.
  • Transfers to the chateau. Some people like to come by car, or rent one when they are here, and we can recommend good rental car companies. Or we can easily arrange transfers for you from the local airport or train station.
  • One dinner out – this where you have the chance to go out with other retreat participants to one of the casual local restaurants in 5-10 min walk from the chateau. These include a popular wood fired pizzeria, or a tiny restaurant high in the hill-top village walls with amazing views and fabulous omelets with homemade chips.
  • The optional treatment sessions with Cassandra Punita (apart from your 20 min bonus session with her) and other local practitioners on some of our slow time afternoons.
  • Additional expenses like personal and souvenir shopping, toiletries and personal phone calls.


The two closest airports are Marseille and Avignon. From both airports there are shuttle buses to the train station. If have any questions about the best way to reach Provence I am happy to help. It is easy! A fast way to find which airlines fly to these airports from your closest city, and their best prices, is on www.skyscanner.com.

About Cassandra Punita

I have spent my life seeking how to live in flow – but it didn’t come easy to begin! And even now life can throw a curve ball where I apply what I have learnt on my journey to re-find my centre, my feet and my humour – for the learning and growing just continues, though it becomes so much easier and more fun. As a kid I was very hyper. These days I would have been given a label, then I was given sedatives. So my journey began trying to rebalance my body from their after-affects, to find a calm centre.

When I was 10 my parents luckily discovered meditation and the hippy life manual,Be Here Now, and between them I learnt the basics of meditation. I sat on our verandah overlooking Sydney harbour, and for the first time I saw what a crazy monkey that was my mind. It amazed me, and I saw the solution. My life has been nomadic since I was a kid, and the many cultures I lived in challenged and soften any fixed ideas I began with. In my early 20’s I joined the crew of a wooden yacht and spent years sailing the deep ocean.

That’s where my real learning of flow began, for the ocean is all about flow. We survived wild life-threatening typhoons with 60’ waves where I discovered courage beyond my fear.Yet I saw how my heart was still so protected, so next I went in search of how to open it, and I discovered this with the radical and heart-full Indian teacher Osho.

In 2000 I co-founded the International AcuEnergetics School & Clinic in Australia with the founder of the modality, Kevin Niv Farrow I trained as a Senior AcuEnergetics® Practitioner, and an Astrologer. Since 2007 I have been based in Europe, helping people live their lives to their fullest potential. My work is Healing the Deep, and for years I have run Private VIP retreats beautiful north Provence. This year, I decided to offer this exciting new and unique space for courageous people seeking to shift their life into flow with group of like-minded inner and outer explorers– a retreat for you!



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I admire your eternal good mood and ultra-positive outlook on life. Moreover, its truly remarkable how for almost any situation you have advice or remarks that make a difference, small or big. Your openness towards any subject is really fabulous, which made me feel comfortable to discuss any worry or emotion. It was great working with you. Merci beaucoup!!!

Johan, Netherlands

It is incredible how much everyday life can let my mind and energy run all over the place. Working with Cassandra was like finding my feet again in this crazy, busy world. You have a special gift to share, and thank you for helping me to live through my heart instead of my head!

Lucy, Australia

After doing Yoga for about 10 years in UK, Russia and India, I can confidently say that Jeni is the best yoga teacher I have ever encountered! Attending to Jeni’s sessions for several months, I already noticed the difference – my posture has much improved – something which I could not reach for years with other teachers. I became less stressed and my thoughts are now more structured and coherent. I love Jeni’s nurturing and individual approach to each client – she always remembers the problems that you have, and gives individual help during the session.

Olga, UK

 If now feels the time for you to step into the life you’ve been dreaming of  – to start living with clarity and energy, living in flow – then come and join Cassandra Punita James for a life changing 5–Day Finding Your Flow Retreat in Provence this June!

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